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Thread: Snorkel Install On A TJ

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    Default Snorkel Install On A TJ

    First Of All Many Thanks To jurassicjeep For Allowing Us To Use Is Jeep For This Write Up On ARB Safari Snorkel Installing One On A 1998 Jeep Wrangler TJ w/AC

    Tools Needed
    Fitting time: Approximately 120 minutes
    Special Tools:
    * 76mm Holesaw
    * Air Hacksaw
    * Step Drill
    * Pop Rivet Gun

    1 Remove:
    * Air Cleaner Assembly.
    There Are # Bolts With Nuts

    top Bolts

    Bottom Nuts

    Remove Battery And Tray

    You Will Have To Remove The Vacuum Reservoir. Will Show You Later Where We Relocated It It Takes A T25 Bit To Remove This Then Slide It Up

    Now That That Is Moved
    2 Positioning the template along the join of the guard to the body, Tape the template to the guard.

    Using a felt tip pen, mark all hole positions, remove the template.
    3 Drill a pilot hole for each hole position. Using the step drill, drill the 2 snorkel mounting
    hole positions to 12mm, using the 76mm holesaw drill the main hole, de-burr and paint all holes.

    Now I Take The Time To Prep Where The Hose Will Go Use This Edge Guard To Keep The Hose From Getting Cut

    Now To fasten the upper mounting
    bracket to the snorkel body. Use A Marker
    along the 'A' pillar approximately
    where the bracket will be positioned. Carefully position the snorkel body onto the guard. With the
    snorkel body correctly positioned onto the body, mark around the outside of the bracket.

    the snorkel body.
    Remove the 'A' pillar bracket from the snorkel body and position onto the 'A' pillar
    between the outlined marks, using a felt tip pen mark the hole positions, drill a pilot hole for each

    position and then drill to Bmm. De-burr and paint holes.
    6 Insert plastiC body clips into the 'A' pillar then fasten 'A' pillar bracket into position using
    screws Position the snorkel body onto the guard with the snorkel body correctly
    positioned fasten using necessary hardware.

    This Jeep Had Stickers On It

    i Decided To Remove For The Snorkel Would Block Most Of It
    using A Eraser

    This Does A Great Job And Does Not Harm The Paint

    Now The air cleaner housing template into position. Mark all holes and the cut out section.
    Drill a 5mm hole for each hole
    Using the air hacksaw cut out the new air entry hole.

    Now Seal It With Black silicone sealant

    Place the air inlet blank off plate An Use Rivets

    Now Remove The Factory Intake

    Match up The New Plate To Cover Factory Hole

    Again Now Seal It With Black silicone sealant

    Drill The Holes And Secure the Plate With The Supplied Rivets

    Now Install Battery & Tray Battery Air Box And Hook Up The Hose's On This Model The A/C Line Was IN The Way Using A Pry bar I Moved The A/C Line About A 1/2 Inch Is All It Took For The Inlet To Make It By

    We Decided To Relocate The Vacuum Reservoir With Wire Ties
    To The Fire Wall

    And Here Is The Finished Product

    Attached Images Attached Images

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