how to replace a wrangler tj oil pump how to replace a wrangler tj oil pump This is a big job but any one can do it if this is your first time it should take you about 5 to 6 hours

2.5L And 4.0L Engines, Except 2005 Models
  1. Disconnect negative cable from battery.
  2. Raise the vehicle.
  3. Remove the oil pan drain plug and drain the engine oil.
  4. Disconnect the exhaust pipe at the exhaust manifold.
  5. Disconnect the exhaust hanger at the catalytic converter and lower the pipe.
  6. Remove the starter motor.
  7. Remove the engine flywheel and transmission torque converter housing access cover.
  8. If equipped with an oil level sensor, disconnect the sensor.
  9. Position a jack stand directly under the engine vibration damper.
  10. Place a piece of wood (2 x 2) between the jack stand and the engine vibration damper.
  11. Remove the engine mount through bolts.
  12. Using the jack stand, raise the engine until adequate clearance is obtained to remove the oil pan.
  13. Remove the oil pan bolts. Carefully slide the oil pan and gasket to the rear. If equipped with an oil level sensor, take care not to damage the sensor.

To install:
  1. Fabricate 4 alignment dowels from 11/2 in. x 1/4 in. bolts. Cut the heads off the bolts and cut a slot into the top of the dowel to allow installation/removal with a screwdriver. Fabrication of alignment dowels—4.0L engine
    Oil pan alignment dowel placement—2.5L and 4.0L engines
  2. Install or connect the following:
    • Dowels
    • RTV sealer at the points shown RTV sealer application points—4.0L engine
    • Oil pan, using a new gasket. Torque the 1/4 inch bolts to 85 inch lbs. (9.5 Nm) and the 5/16 inch bolts to 11 ft. lbs. (15 Nm).
  3. Replace the alignment dowels with 1/4 inch bolts and torque them to 85 inch lbs. (9.5 Nm).
  4. Install or connect the following:
    • Left and right motor mounts
    • Oil level sensor connector, if equipped
    • Bell housing access cover
    • Starter motor
    • Exhaust front pipe
    • Negative battery cable
  5. Fill the engine with clean oil.
  6. Start the engine, check for leaks and repair if necessary.

Oil Pump

Wrangler, 1997 - 2005

2.5L And 4.0L Engines

Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the Precautions section.

A gear-type oil pump is mounted at the underside of the cylinder block opposite the No.4 main bearing. The pump incorporates a nonadjustable pressure relief valve to limit maximum pressure to 75 psi (517 kPa) In the relief position, the valve permits oil to bypass through a passage in the pump body to the inlet side of the pump.

Drain the engine oil.
  1. Remove or disconnect the following: NOTE
    If the oil pump is not to be serviced, do not disturb the position of the oil inlet tube and strainer assembly in the pump body. If the tube is moved within the pump body, a replacement tube and strainer assembly must be installed to assure an airtight seal.
    • Negative battery cable
    • Oil pan
    • Oil pump and pickup tube

To install:
Exploded view of the oil pump assembly—2.5L and 4.0L engine
  1. Install or connect the following:
    • Oil pump. Torque the mounting bolts to 17 ft. lbs. (23 Nm).
    • Oil pan
    • Negative battery cable
  2. Fill the engine with the proper type and quantity of oil.
  3. Start the engine, check for leaks and repair if necessary.